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Alive II Tour: 1977 - '78

Start Date: November 15, 1977

End Date: May 19, 1978

Shows: 52

Countries:  Japan, U.S.A, 

Opening Acts: AC/DC, Bow Wow, Detective, Nantucket, Piper, Rockets.

Average Attendance: 13,550

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss

KISS was the top touring band of the world in 1977/1978, even beating Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith. and The Eagles in a Gallup poll. KISS was nearly as big as The Beatles; their albums were certified Quadruple Platinum in a matter of weeks; and Beth  was one of the biggest  #1 singles of the decade.

The Alive II  tour can be seen as the second half of the Love Gun Tour, same stage, same costumes. But with a different setlist, older songs like King Of The Night Time World and Let Me Go Rock 'n Roll  returned.

The tour concluded with a short return to Japan, just almost one year after their 1977 tour in Japan, but one big difference was that KISS did not tour Japan this time, only 5 shows were giving at the Nippon Budokan Hall. But this was not a smart business move seeing it resulted in a loss of $150.000 for the band.  At the end of the tour the band went on to shoot their very first KISS movie, KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park...

The Alive II tour-book and the tour-book for the Japanese shows of the Alive II tour.

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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Dane Country Expo Center Coliseum, Madison, WI, December 3, 1977 -
The show was stopped briefly after Paul got hit in the head with a beer bottle thrown from the audience.
- Capital Centre, Landover (Largo), WA, December 20, 1977 -
The in-house staff professionally videotaped the show, portions of 'Shout It Out Loud', and 'Rock And Roll All Nite' aired on Jaunary 16, 1978 on The American Music Awards.
- Civic Arena. Pittsburg. PA, January 15, 1978 -
The show was stopped briefly once again after Peter got hit by a metal cigarette lighter thrown by someone in the audience.
Black eyed Pete (click picture for larger size) 
- Roberts Municipal Stadium, Evansville, IN, January 23, 1978 -
In the middle of the concert. the front stage lightning rig support collapsed and the show was interrupted for about 30 minutes. Spotlight operator Thomas Mills, fell from the rig to the floor but miraculously did not sustain serious injuries. When the band returned on the stage Paul remarked: "Since you people 've been so patient, we got something we haven't done in a long time! You wanna hear it?" The band kicked into Deuce, this was the first appearance of the song since 1976, and the last time until April 1988.
- Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Valencia, CA, May 19, 1978 -
This was a free show which was videotaped to be used for live shots for the KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park movie. The free tickets were distributed by the radio station KMET. First KISS performed their Alive II tour show, after the concert concluded KISS was filmed lip syncing to several songs. The shoot went on long into the night, this to the annoyance to the band, who were not used to making movies and their long waiting times between takes.

A shot from the set of the 'Phantom' movie from a news clipping.
Stage props: 

- Fire engine lights
- Hydraulic drum riser
- Blood spitting
- Fire breathing
- Huge KISS Logo
- Smoking & burning guitar
- Confetti storm
- Firehouse fire helmet
- Flamethrowers
- Lighted stair cases
- Hydraulic balconies
- Sam The Serpent
- Smoke
- Various pyrotechnics
- Hydraulic lifts
- Bombs
- Paul smashing guitar


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