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Questions & Answers:

  1. What program do you use to edit your video's?

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional editing program...

  2. Where do you find rare video's?

    I look into my own bootleg collection, new bootleg releases and once in a while someone has found something rare for me!

  3. How did you come up with the name Necramonium?

    It popped up in my head one day and i used it on my first Youtube account, i did a google search and the only thing close to it is the Necronomicon. a fictional grimoire book.

  4. Can i buy ***** from you?

    Sorry, but i do not sell anything from my KISS collection or do not sell anything when it comes to KISS DVDs. You can download the bootleg DVDs and CD's i created in my Download section.

  5. When will the ***** video/DVD be released?

    Upcoming projects can be followed on the Projects page, when something is released, the first thing you will want to see is my Twitter account!

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