My KISS Kollection My KISS Kollection KISS LP - German Issue 1974 This is the German issue of the first KISS album, notice the alternate S in the logo, this had to be done because the thunderbolt like S in the KISS logo was according to Germany to much in resemblance to the SS of Nazi Germany.( The Schutzstaffel organization under Hitler) 45996870 Hotter Than Hell LP - German Issue 1974 This is the German issue of the Hotter Than Hell album,notice the alternate S in the logo, this had to be done because the thunderbolt like S in the KISS logo was according to Germany to much in resemblance to the SS of Nazi Germany.( The Schutzstaffel organization under Hitler) 46019172 Dressed To Kill Soft Cover Record - 1980 This is the soft paper version of the album, so the colors are much brighter. In great shape even though you can see a big fold on the upper right. That was the biggest flaw in soft covers, many years later you could see the record's shape imprinted in the cover. 46696320 Alive! Record - 1975 The KISS Alive Album, still in great shape. The audio is also still great but Rock & Roll All Nite is allot worse than the rest, the previous own(ers) must really have liked that song! 46696319 Alive! (German reprint) This is the German reprint, it's printed on 8 gram vinyl and has cardboard sleeves, all the S's in the logo's have been altered seeing the SS logo is forbidding in Germany (The SS, short for Schutzstaffle was a major Nazi organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.) Even the poster of the two boys on the back has been altered. 66868720 The Originals My Originals album, it was in a poor state when i got it through the mail, little white tears everywhere in the side, managed to make it allot better by covering those tears up with watered down black paint. Looks allot better now! 66356582 Destroyer LP - German Issue 1976 This is the German issue of the Destroyer album,notice the alternate S in the logo, this had to be done because the thunderbolt like S in the KISS logo was according to Germany to much in resemblance to the SS of Nazi Germany.( The Schutzstaffel organization under Hitler) 46002093 Destroyer Records - 1976 As you can see, i also have the normal version of Destroyer, notice the difference in color variation between the two. Both in great shape 46696318 Rock & Roll Over Record - 1976 Album is still in great shape! 46696326 Love Gun Soft Cover Record - 1977 Also a soft cover, but still in great condition 46696321 Alive II Record - 1977 This is album is in such a good shape, if it did not had it old record smell you would think it had been printed just a few weeks ago. 46696329 Double Platinum Record - 1978 Album still is in great shape, the silver is not peeling, only bad thing is that the upper right corner is missing, probably torn off by old age. 46696327 Double Platinum Record - 1978 It's like opening a KISS mirror! 46696328 Paul Solo album - 1978 Two solo albums you ask? Yes, my first one was damaged, someone even drawn on it, the second one that is on top came with all the extra stuff! The merchandise form and the big poster, its in really good shape and no pinholes are present! Notice the colour difference between the two records, the new one seems allot sharper and lighter. 70912466 Ace Frehley solo album - 1978 Still in great condition and so is the sound! 46696322 Peter Criss solo album 1978 - with poster Peter's solo album from 1978, even though the cover has a nicked corner it's still in mint condition, the record itself is in perfect condition except for the small cracks you hear on old records at silent area's in the songs. Poster is also present and still in good condition! 52269376 Gene Simmons 1978 Solo album Gene's 1978 solo album, this is a reproduction, it was sealed when i got it, but i had to look inside to see if there was a real record inside when i bought it of course. To bad it does not contain any extras in it like the poster. The center ring has a faded look to it, like most reproduction/reprints have. 66868722 Dynasty Record - 1979 The album cover is in great shape, the audio less, mainly I Was Made For Lovin' You, it was a number 1 hit here in Holland after all so the previous owner played that song the most it seems! 46696330 Single 'Sure Know Something & Dirty Livin'' the original single they sold in Holland in 1979 from the album Dynasty in a regular Casablanca sleeve. Picture sleeves exists. 45894432 Single 'I Was Made For Lovin' You & 'Hard Times'' The single they sold in Holland in 1979 from the album Dynasty in a regular Casablanca sleeve. Picture sleeves exists! 45894431 Unmasked Record - 1980 This album was in a bad shape when i got it, i managed to restore some damage to it with black ink paint. (white tears are no longer visible) 46696317 Talk To Me - Single I got this single for free with the Unholy 7' single! But it was heavily damaged! This side was painted on with a gold paint, done by the little brother years ago from the buyer. I managed to remove all the gold paint with a Denatured alcohol cleaner. It still plays but skips in the beginning of the song but that is due to a small scratch. The other side contains the song Naked City. 61561696 Peter Criss - Out Of Control Peter's solo album from 1980, it has some nice songs on it, mostly seem to be evolving around his divorce with Lydia Criss, even the front cover seems to be designed this way, as verified by Lydia, the woman with brown hair trying to grab the blond women (Peter's than new wife) is Lydia! 92518659 Music From The Elder (1981) LP My 'Elder' record, in super condition! 69194676 Music From The Elder Record - 1981 This is what you see when you open up the album! The album is in excellent condition. 46696323 Killers! My Killers album, in a good condition. 65340238 Creatures Of The Night Record My Creatures record, in great shape! 61561698 Framed engraved Creatures UK single This is a 12 inch UK Creatures Of The Night single that was released in limited pressing in 1982, it contains the autographs engraved on Side 2 of Paul, Gene, Ace and Eric! I still had a picture frame sitting around so i made a nice golden record like frame out of it! 92518657 Lick It Up record Even though it has a bit of a brown color because of aging, it still in mint condition! This one is from 1983, the year i was born. 61107878 Animalize Record - 1984 Album is in great shape! 46696324 Heaven's On Fire - Single My Heaven's On Fire single! In great shape! 61561699 Creatures Of The Night (1985 reissue) This is the 1985 reissue with the alternate cover, it's probably a reproduction seeing the center rings have a bit faded look. 66868723 Asylum record Considered by most KISS fans their worst studio album to date, they hit rock bottom when it came to their stage costumes where Gene looked more like a drag queen. Their show was really tight though, to bad that a entire show has never been made published on video or dvd. Only snippets of pro shot video material has surfaced till now. 61107880 Crazy Nights record the Crazy Nights album! In great condition. 61107879 Reason To Live UK CD maxi single I believe this could have been one of KISS's first singles on CD. And this even is a maxi single! 113598641 Smashes, Thrashes & Hits A very good in condition record of Smashes, Thrashes & Hits. Notice the strange green space like center ring. 52269377 Hot In The Shade LP The Hot In The Shade LP! In excellent mint condition! 66868718 Revenge LP! My Revenge LP, still in excellent condition! 66356583 Revenge (CD version & Authographed) My Revenge CD! With the booklet autographed in gold pen by Paul and Gene! 62825943 Unholy Singles my two Unholy/God Gave Rock & Roll To You II singles... One with a sticker in a mint condition the other one has more damaged cover and a strange basement smell. 65340918 KISS - Unholy Limited Edition White Marble Single Those big size single is a limited edition, it contains Unholy, Partners In Crime and the demo's of Deuce and Strutter. All on a white marble record! 66356581 Sealed White KISS Alive III Finally got my hands on a KISS Alive III vinyl! And it's still sealed! 92518658 Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions My Carnival Of Souls cd. 92518656 Psycho Circus - Enhanced CD My Psycho Circus CD, the enhanced version... 61510011 KISS Alive! - 1975 - 2000 the Alive box-set containing Alive! from 1975, Alive II from 1977, Alive III from 1993 and the scrapped Alive IV Millennium concert. 45894434 McFarlane KISS Series 4: KISS Alive The now kinda rare Alive! figures from the Mcfarlane company released on September 2000. Official website: 45894427 McFarlane KISS Series 5: KISS Creatures For some reason these are named Creatures, probably after the Creatures of The Night album from 1983, but they are wearing their 1980 'Unmasked' outfits. I was not satisfied with Eric's make up so i corrected it by applying the right make up Eric was wearing and not the first try at the Fox make up they gave him. Released in July 2002 Official website: 45894425 McFarlane Love Gun Deluxe Boxset Limited Edition The Love Gun set by the McFarlane company from 2004. Official website: 45894428 Superstar Toys - Limited Edition figures These figures are being sold at Wallmart only, i managed to get my hands on these figures, they are poorly painted, so i corrected them myself just like i did with my other figures! Gene's make up is even missing it's Dracula 'point' on his forehead and Ace's chest is not even painted in a skin tone, Paul's hair is somehow light brown and he looks to be bigger overall than Gene in size and barely has any chest hair (you can't make a Starchild figurine and almost leave out the chest hair!!) The strange thing is, the figures show the band as in 1975/1976 during the Alive! tour era, but the Catman looks just like Eric Singer! While the Spaceman looks just like Ace! Maybe Peter did not want to be portraited any more. 61107881 KISS Alive Forever - The Complete Touring History This is one of the best KISS books you can have, it's researched,written and archived by Curt Gooch & Jeff Suhs, it holds every show (and the ones that where cancelled) that KISS has every played to the Farewell Tour in 2000. It holds some rare pictures and allot of interesting facts about the road-crew and what sometimes happened while touring or behind the scene's with the band. 46022974 KISS - The Early Years This book, written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS and with awesome pictures of Waring Abbott, it also holds some great early stories about the time of the picture was taken. 46024687 Photo book: Vintage KISS Photo's - 1974 - 1981 This book holds KISS pictures that are really rare! It's compiled by veteran KISS photo archivist Marc Scallatino. I was one of the first 2000 buyers and got a free 8x10 photo of Peter Criss! Sadly the book is no longer being sold anymore because of copyright issues. But you can still find a copy on 56927559 Sealed With A KISS - By Lydia Criss (Autographed) If you ever want to spend money on a good KISS book than spend it on this one, this hardcover with over 363 pages is a autobiography by former wife of ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss, Lydia Criss. It tells her live story and how her life was with a famous rockstar, from the good days to the bad days where Peter was coked out of his head... Got this one autographed with a personal message! Want a copy of your own? Visit! 88351505 KISS Marvel Comic 1977 (Autographed) This is the first KISS comic from 1977, the cover seems to be missing but it's autographed by Peter and Ace so it's even better! 45908809 Psycho Circus Comic #14 Comic #14 45894429 Psycho Circus Comic #15 Comic #14 45894430 Hard Rock - KISS Pre-History Part 3 The famous unauthorized comic from Hard Rock/Revolutionary Comics 45908808 Hard Rock - KISS Pre-History Part 1 The famous unauthorized comic from Hard Rock/Revolutionary Comics 45906737 Hard Rock - KISS Pre-History Part 2 The famous unauthorized comic from Hard Rock/Revolutionary Comics 45908807 First KISSNATION issue (Collectors Edition) The first KISSNATION comic from 1995, a very awesome edition, it holds what was the buzz around the reunion of the original KISS back in 1996, we see a two page story about the KISS tribute band Cold Gin who's lead guitar was Tommy Thayer! 45913786 First Marvel Comic Reissue & KISS Nation The reissue of the first KISS Marvel comic from 1977, newly drawn and all! Also contains the comic of KISS vs evil Dark Lord. 45910180 Strike Magazine #22 A magazine that i believe is not with us anymore this is issue 22 from 1999, during the Psycho Circus era. 46019173 German KISS Army International Special - 1993 This 1993 issue of a German KISS Army international by Strike contains some great pictures and posters! 70919190 'Super Teen' KISS Special - 1976 Managed to get hold of this magazine in a really good state! It sadly is missing some of the posters that are originally in the magazine. But it is a magazine any hardcore KISS fan should get their hands on! 74165489 KISS Vintage Destroyer T-shirt Great t-shirt modified to make it look vintage! the color looks different with the back version but that's just the lightning of the picture. 52269380 Psycho Circus t-shirt This tee actually belongs to my mother, but it looks really nice so i added it here anyway. 52269375 Front of one of the Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 tour t-shirt One of the nicest t-shirts they had, and also not the most expensive one, this one costs about 20 euro's, others where 30! 87404298 Back of one of the Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 tour t-shirt Always nice to have a t-shirt with the date of a show you visited, the other t-shirt had I Was There on the top side, but had a uglier front. 87404299 Destroyer Clock One of the many KISS clocks made in the years, don't even know the company's name! Reading the time of it in a not well lit room from a distant is hard but hey, it looks kick ass! 45914416 Miniature Axe Gene Simmons a miniature axe of Genes famous Ax made from wood and it's about 20 cm long. 45894426 Framed Love Gun poster One of my pride and joy's, a framed Love Gun album poster! the silver hood you see below is the hood of my salt water aquarium. My room is a tiny hole... 45914415 Gene Simmons Animalize Tour Guitar Pick A used guitar pick from Gene in the Animalize tour back in 1984/1985. Could be from one of the 1985 German shows seeing the dealer i bought it from was German. 52274361 KISS Picks Unauthorized KISS album picks, where very cheap and nice to have, i still had a old picture frame to put it in... 70912467 Empire State Building 1976 Poster The famous photo that was taken of the band on the Empire State Building. It was long to be thought it was fake. But the band really is sitting on the edge! One big gush of wind and the band already needed a new drummer in 1976! 45914417 Autographed Ace Frehley Rocket Ride 2008 Tour Photo My autographed photo of Ace Frehley during his 2008 Rocket Ride tour! 45911718 Autographed Eric Singer Drum Sticks - 2008 Signed by Eric Singer in 2008 during the Alive 35 tour, probably in Germany. 70921480 Gene Simmons Axe Guitar Controller The Guitar Hero/Rock Band Axe Bass controller for the PS2/PS3 and the Wii! I did not like the normal controllers at all but when i saw this baby i was sold! Want your own? Go to 61113918 Dynasty tour book 1979 This is the first edition of the standard Dynasty tour book... Its in mint condition! 88354989 Alive/Worldwide 1996/1997 tour books two tour books from the Reunion tour back in 1996/1997, black version holds the history of the band from the make up years only and with the famous promo photo's from 1996. The silver one is from the European leg of the tour. 52269378 Cobo Arena 2009 tour book! Only 1000 of these special programs were made for this special two date show on 9/25/09 and 9/26/09. These measure 14x11 inches. These are going to be one of the hardest of all KISS tour books to find in the coming years. Includes some great photos! 70912465 Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour 2010 tour book This is one of the nicest tour books i have had in my hands till now! The front cover is emblazoned and the inside has brand new pictures! Its also very large, a bit bigger than the Cobo Arena tour book! 87404296 KISS Psycho Circus 3D Video - Limited Edition This 'Limited Edition' holds a video tape with the Psycho Circus video in 3D and the normal video. It comes with the 3D glasses and a 'enhanced' cd with the songs Psycho Circus and In Your Face, it also contains stuff to connect to the internet (free internet dial up crap that was common back in 1998) and the Psycho Circus screen-saver, apparently there were 4 different version of the enhanced cd's, the rest came with Paul, Gene or Ace's image on the cd... 61107877 KISS - The Second Coming The long form dvd with the alternate S in the logo, probably printed in Germany but released here in The Netherlands because they where to lazy to import the normal version i think. 45894438 KISS Unauthorized A Unauthorized dvd made by fans during the Farewell Tour. 45894442 The Eric Car Story - Inside the tale of the Fox The Eric Carr story dvd that came out in 2000, a great tribute to Eric with relatives and friends talking about Eric. 51396439 KISS Konfidential & Xtreme Close Up Two video's put on one dvd! A must have for KISS fans! 45894439 The Very Best Of KISS - 2002 My very first KISS CD! Mainly because it was the only KISS cd in the store while looking for KISS CD's when i was getting interested in their music. 72077191 KISS my A** dvd the famous long form dvd... 45894436 KISS Symphony DVD The great 2 disc dvd of the Alive IV: KISS Symphony concert in 2003 in Australia, to bad that they made such a great cover and the label that distributed the dvd had to put their ugly yellow banner on the top. 49522067 Rock The Nation Live! The Rock The Nation concert dvd from 2004. 45894440 KISS Gold A greatest hits compilation CD i came across in a store... A great double CD album to give someone who just became into KISS! 88354987 Kissology 1 (German version) This is the German version of the Kissology dvd, it has the alternate S logo on it. This one holds a sticker of a old backstage pass and the 1977 Madison Square Garden show. 66868721 Paul Stanley - One Life KISS I am disappointed with this dvd, the quality is awful, on my big HD wide screen TV it looks ugly, and also on the computer, the sound is okey, except for Paul's voice who seems to have some troubles with the high notes here and there... 47043972 Kissology I the first Kissology dvd set, with the Bonus DVD's Cobo Hall 1976 & Largo 77. 45894443 Kissology II The second Kissology boxset, with all Bonus DVD's, (Largo 1979, The Ritz 1988, Japan 1988) 45894433 Kissology III The third Kissology containing the Weenie Roast bonus DVD, the São Paulo 1994 bonus DVD and the Madison Square Garden 1996 bonus dvd. 45894437 KISS - Budokan 1988 (bootleg) Found this while looking at the KISS dvd section in store, this is the full 1988 Japan concert! The quality is one of the best ones you can find, and it's the full concert! With all the solo's they cut out of the Kissology bonus dvd! The only bad thing is the logo of the bootleg company (Intergroove) on the upper left corner. The cover also doesn't make sense, why put a picture from 1999 on a concert dvd of 1988? 47033676 Cat Tales A unauthorized Peter Criss dvd, it holds a long Q&A with Peter and allot of backstage footage from the 2000 Farewell tour.. 47042773 KISS - Anaheim UItimate Edition Even though it states Limited Edition, this is actually the Anaheim 1976 Ultimate Edition from the bootleg scene. This being a bootleg dvd again from a strange unknown bootleg company (Way Of Wizards?) it holds a picture of Gene from 1979, not 1976. And the biggest error is the concert location, it was not at the Convention Center, but Anaheim Stadium. 47042774 Bruce Kulick - BK3 promo (Autographed) The 3 song promo CD for Bruce Kulick's BK3 album 45894435 Ace Frehley - Anomaly (CD) I am one of the first ones on the world to get the CD! Got it on September 13 at a KISS Expo. A day before its official release! 52031749 Ace Frehley - Anomaly Authographed Double LP Ace's Anomaly double LP record! And it's autographed! 52840084 Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom with the great looking cd and the inner page of the lyrics booklet. 61563698 Cobo Hall & Best of Alive 35! This is the second night in Cobo hall cd and the Best of ALIVE 35: North American Tour 2009 CD 66868719 Alive 35 USB stick bracelet This is the Alive 35 USB stick they used for the tour for Symfy live KISS recordings, shown open and closed, it stays close with the use of a magnet. This one contains the second night at Cobo Hall 2009.. 88354988 KISS Army Official Fan pack the fan pack you will receive when you become a official KISS army member through the Kissonline website (meaning you pay). It also comes with a KISS Army t-shirt but i got the wrong size delivered (S) when i shot this photo. (got it exchanged for XXL tee) 70912468 Flag/handkerchief A little flag or handkerchief from the Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 Tour! 87404297 Tokens concert Arnhem, The Netherlands 2010 These where the tokens you used for food, when buying i noticed they had the KISS logo stamped on them, so now they are a nice memorabilia from the show and collectors item in one! 87404300 Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 Simfy Live USB Stick The USB stick you got after a show during the Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 tour, its a one gig stick with only the standard concert, and the encores you could download the next day with the use of a code on the inside of the little box... This one contains the KISS show i attended at in Arnhem, The Netherlands on June 18, 2010! 88351504 Eric Carr's Rockheads Comic & Drumhead skin This is the Rockheads comic that Rocksville Station created and released in April 2011, with a small piece of one of the bass drumheads skins from Eric's Crazy Night drum kit! Also included is a Rockheads guitarpick and a Rockheads poster! This authentic drumhead skin is number 114 of 400 and signed by Loretta Caravello, Eric's sister! 136427912 Eric Carr - Unfinished Business Eric's tribute album, it's awesome to finally hear some instrumental songs transfer to real songs and to hear the last song Eric wrote (Elephant Man) to be realized in a real song. 166805172 Destroyer - Resurrected (LP and CD) The remastered Destroyer album, both have a great sound to them and hearing the lost original solo for Sweet Pain is something we would have never expect after so many years 166763122 Picture Discs Solo Albums: Ace & Gene These remasters i came across in a store! It's from the same company who i distributing the Destroyer Resurrected LP. 166763123