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Fan Mail

I get some nice e-mails once in a while about my projects and video's! Here are some of them!

Quotes Hi Jeffry This is Eric Carr's sister, Loretta on behalf of my family, we would like to say thank you so much the beautiful tribute to Eric, words can not express how thankful we are that you took the time. that you did.. it is never easy to watch Eric, but you brought him to life. I have placed it on so all the fans can see what a wonderful tribute you have made. If you ever do any other videos are works on Eric.. please feel free to send them to me and I will be happy to place them on the site. I like your choice of music.. you must collect allot of pre-kiss Eric stuff, there is allot out there... once again.... MY family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful and heartfelt tribute, knowing Eric, he probably watched it 50 times already. Sincerely Loretta Caravello and family. Quotes
From: Loretta Caravello

Quotes Hey man! I just wanted to say great job on the site! Thanks for all the rare pictures and videos and info. I am a huge KISS fan and this site is by far the best I've seen. You really put a lot of time and effort into this. The rest if the KISS Army and I really appreciate it! Keep it up and as always, ROCK ON! \m/ Quotes
Great Job!

Quotes Dear Jeffry. Love your site! Congratulations. I really enjoyed your Sydney Showgrounds footage from 1980 Do you know who shot it? I would be interested in finding out because I am working on a project that will touch on the impact of Kiss in Australia. Many thanks from Australia - and congratulations on your great site! Jeremy Quotes
Great Site!

Quotes Hello My name is john, I have been a huge Kiss fan since 1988. The first time I saw Kiss was in kiss Exposed. Ever since Then It's Kiss forever! I found your Site by searching youtube for video's to feature in my documentaries that make in a youtube series .Your site is incredible! A great tribute to My favorite band . Thanks For Keeping This Band's Legacy Alive! Quotes
A Great Tribute!

Quotes Hi, Just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU for all of the time & resources that you've dedicated to make this site so great! I thought that I had seen everything KISS-related, but have been pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of rarities offered here that I have never been fortunate enough to experience before. I'm an original KISS Army member, going back to 1976 when I saw my 1st KISS show - so this site is a real treat for me. PLEASE keep up the excellent work, & God bless! ~Greig Quotes
Thank You!

Quotes Best KISS channel on Youtube! I have really been enjoying your awesome channel and rare videos clips/interviews and so on...being a KISS fan since the late 70's...I just wanna say............KISS ARMY 4 LIFE. Friend request sent. Rock & Roll! Quotes
Fishy Audio

Quotes Thanks for all the hard work you put in for this site. I've been a fan of KISS since 1975 and this is by far the best fan site in the world! Keep up the great work and Best wishes! Quotes

Quotes Hi ! Your website is great ! And my only message is : keep on doing the great job ! You're serious and the site is well-done I hope you will continue. Quotes

Quotes Hi dude my name is kevin. i love your work on youtube. and i especially love your pics and info on all the kiss albums. Quotes

Quotes Just saying you're doing very well! Regularly fun new things for the hungry KISS fans! Quotes
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