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Asylum Tour: 1985 - '86

Start Date: Nov, 29, 1985

End Date: April 12, 1986

Shows: 91

Countries: Canada,U.S.A

Opening Acts: Black 'N Blue, Blue Oyster Cult, King Kobra, Kix, W.A.S.P.

Average Attendance: 6,181

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Gene Simmons,Eric Carr

KISS never achieved being fully 'glam' in the 70's, but that changed in 1985/1986! Bright colors, lots of glitter and still lots of make up! Metal glam bands were the thing back in the 80's and KISS was known to follow trends. KISS also realized the importance of MTV allot more than years before and released a total of 3 music video's! "Who Wants To Be Lonely", Uh! All Nite and Tears Are Falling.


The show was not that much different from the Animalize US tour, they used the same US Animalize stage but they added a giant KISS logo behind the stage! When the place were they would perform was too small for the big stage, the ramp was not installed and instead big amp stacks were placed. (partly seen in the picture below). The band would also be lifted upwards at the start of the show (If the gig location was again big enough) behind the drum kit just like in the Animalize tour!



 The giant logo, it was made by a company called Vari-Lights (still exists today and owned by Philips) the lights could change color, something that was brand new.


 The Asylum tour also saw the very first time the band used the loud pre-show humming noise that has become standard for a KISS show today!

    Gene missed his blood spitting solo's, but seeing it would just be awkward to see him spitting blood without his Demon persona, he basically took Ace's old rocket shooting guitar effect. He would jam a few good tunes and shot a rocket into the lighting rig that would make it appear it exploded with every shot.

Eric added electronic drum pads to his drum kit and during his solo he would use these pads and created a very special sound. Something that must have been very hard to achieve.

Eric also got a new effect added around his drum kit, during his drum solo flames would  be in front and around Eric too make it look like he was engulfed in flames, sadly fire marshals often prohibited the use of the effects.

 Parts of Eric's kit, including the electronic pads.

  One thing the tour is infamous for, is that not one show was professionally archived for a TV airing, OR not made public. Up to today a pro shot Asylum tour show is extremely rare around KISS bootleg collectors!

The Asylum tour-book
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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Louisville, Kentucky. December 12, 1985 -
After the show, Paul and Bruce performed live at a club with a local band called Mannekin
- New York, New York,  December 14, 1985 -
This was KISS's first appearance in Madison Square Garden since 1979. During the last two songs of the show, fans invaded the stage after Paul invited them to come on over.
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1985 -
A professional recording of this show may exist seeing as many concerts at The Spectrum were archived by the in house video crew.
- Glens Falls, New York, December 19, 1985 -
Allegedly, at the end of the show, Gene jumped into the crowd and punched a fan who was spitting on him. Earlier in the evening "Uh! All Nite" premiered on MTV!
- Charleston, West Virginia, January 15, 1986 -
The band jokingly refused to return during Bruce's guitar solo, leaving him on the stage to entertain the crowd, Bruce extended his solo and eventually even picked up Gene's bass and performed a short bass solo to fill the time until the rest of the band would reappear again.
- New Orleans, Louisiana, March 2, 1986 -
As a end-of-tour prank. the members of the opening band W.A.S.P. entered the photo pit and started throwing raw meat at KISS.
-  Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 5, 1986 -
The facility was evacuated during opening band King Kobra's set due to a bomb threat. The place was searched but nothing was found and the concert could eventually continue. 
- Duluth, Minnesota, March 13, 1986 -
Steve Habl, the production manager, a notorious prankster joked around a bit with  the band, he wrote messages on the exploding P.A. cabinets so when Gene blew them out he would see messages like, 'You Stink' or 'Fat boy'. One time he pranked the entire band was when he bought a large sized underwear and smeared the inside with brown shoe polish and tossed it on the stage grossing out the band. Gene placed it on Paul's mike when he was not looking and Paul in return placed it on Gene's microphone!
The band in all of their 80's glory!
Stage props:

- Gene Fire breathing
- Enormous KISS Logo
- Smoke
- Animalize US stage
- Pyrotechnics
- Pre-show 'hum'
- Fireworks
- Bombs
- Confetti storm
- Gene's rocket shooting bass
- Paul smashing guitar
- Gulf inflamed drum kit
- Paul trapeze stunt



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