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The Club Tour - 1973

Start Date: January 1973

End Date: December 22, 1973

Shows: 40 

Countries: USA

Headlining Acts:  The Brats, Isis, Queen Elizabeth featuring Wayne Country, Wild Honey

Opening Acts: Bloontz, City Slicker, The Detroit Dogs, Flaming Youth, Jackdaw, Luger, Planets, Rags, Rebillot Quartet, Street Punk

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss


Even though they only played 24 shows, they played two sets at almost every show, KISS went through a metamorphose through this  tour from almost no makeup and costumes to full costumes and makeup! 
KISS still used leftover songs from Wicked Lester in their set-list like "Simple Mind" and "Keep Me Waiting"
The tour was eventually cut short  due to the band being signed by Casablanca Records. During this time, KISS hired Bill Aucoin as their manager. The band recorded their first album, Kiss, during this tour.

Special Shows / Happenings:
- Hotel Diplomat, New York, NY, August 10, 1973 -
Bill Aucoin attended the show on Gene's invitation and was so impressed by what he saw he managed to get them a record deal at Casablanca Records.
- Coventry, Queens, NY, December 22, 1973 -
The entire show was filmed from the back and is until now the earliest video recording of KISS.
One of the opening acts, Flaming Youth, eventually inspired the band for the same named song on Destroyer.
KISS signing their contract with Casablanca Records!

Stage props: 

- Fake Marshall amps amongst real amps
- Fire engine lights
- Chain link drum riser
- Drumsticks filled with flash powder




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