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Crazy Nights Tour: 1987 - '88

Start Date: Nov, 13, 1987

End Date: Oct, 3, 1988

Shows: 130

Countries: Canada, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, USA, West Germany

Headlining Acts: David Lee Roth, Iron Maiden.

Opening Acts: Anthrax, Balaam & the Angel, Chastain, David Lee Roth, Dirty Looks, Edda, Forigjarnir, Great White, Guns N' Roses, Helix, Helloween, Kings Of The Sun, Mantis, Megadeth, Royal Air Force, Ted Nugent, Testament, Treat, White Lion

Average Attendance: 5,691

Line Up: Line Up: Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Gene Simmons,Eric Carr


For Crazy Nights KISS went into a different direction and a more popular on as well, introducing the keyboard.... Allot of artists used it at this point in the 80's and it seemed a good choice, seeing Crazy Crazy Nights became KISS's biggest charting song in the UK ever.

On-stage during ''Reason To Live'' Bruce played a keyboard but in the back there was another keyboard player! Gary Corbett was backstage 'enhancing' the keyboard sound. Corbett became the hidden but unofficial fifth member.

The stage was almost the same as the Asylum tour stage, only this time the giant KISS logo had neon lights installed between the lamps for extra effects. Eric's drum kit was surrounded by a giant tilted metallic semi circle. When KISS left for Japan they did not bring along their big stage, they only had allot of amps (still left over from the Asylum tour) and lights, they also used allot more pyrotechnics compared to the US leg of the tour, who barely had any at all! When KISS toured Europe they also barely even used pyrotechnics, for the second European leg no pyro effects at all! They did made this up with fireworks at the end of the show.


 A good look at the stage when it was used for the Crazy Crazy Nights music video 


A look at the European stage, overflowing with amplifiers from the Asylum tour.

  The band opened the shows with ''Love Gun'', a song until back than never used as a opener, audience numbers dropped by 500 people vs the Asylum tour, some concert goers called it the worst KISS tour ever, the band also included allot of Crazy Nights material that did not transfer well live and with the audience, they added some vintage songs like Deuce and Strutter. Seeing the response of the audience this let to more old songs being added to the set list for the next tour. (The Japanese KISS Army club fans also could send in requests through mail!)


Gary Corbett, KISS's unofficial fifth member during the Crazy Nights Tour, here at the Monsters of Rock festival show at Schweinfurt, West Germany, sometimes camera crews were not aware they were not allowed to film Corbett, so to the displeasure of Gene and Paul, Gary was in the spotlight. Corbett also joined Paul's solo tour band in 1989 and eventually got a bigger role during the Hot In The Shade tour as the voice of "Leon The Sphinx" during God Of Thunder.

The Crazy Nights tour book (left) and the Japan tour book (right) 
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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Los Angeles, California. August 8, 1987 -
The music video for "Crazy Crazy Nights" was shot in this venue with fans.
- Providence, Rhode Island, December 12, 1987 -
Prior to "Detroit Rock City" The band and the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Bruce who turned 34!

- Charleston, West Virginia, January 18, 1988 -
This concert officially should have taken place at Huntington, West Virginia, but town officials banned KISS from playing in their town and the gig was moved to Charleston.
- Worcester, Massachusetts, January 27, 1988 -
The "Turn On The Night" video was filmed prior and during this show, they did not sing live but the band lip synced to the song being played over the P.A.
- Columbus, Georgia, February 15, 1988 -
Gene got arrested after the show for indecent exposure. during the show Gene flashed the audience quickly while being on a partially obscured area of the stage. The cops awaited him after the show. The arrest was filmed by Vari-Lite operator Warren Flynn. What happened to this tape is unknown.
- Merrillville, Indiana, March 2, 1988 -
Gene jumped into the audience during his bass solo to confront a fan who constantly bothered him.
- Nagoya, Japan, April 16, 1988 -
KISS returned to Japan after a 10 year absence!
- Manhattan, New York, June 26, 1988 -
Gene and Paul visited a show of Ace while he was touring with his band for his Second Sighting Tour,. Gene and Paul were watching the show from above the stage in plain sight, prior to the first encore, Ace invited them over to do a impromptu rendition of 'Deuce'! When they walked out on the stage the place went nuts.
Gene and Paul rocking with Ace and his band. 
 - Reykjavik, Iceland, August 30, 1988 -
KISS performs in Iceland for the first and last time
- Budapest, Hungary, September 2, 1988 -
Halfway through the show the venue was hit by a downpour, while doing his guitar solo Bruce got completely drenched, the crowd, who go the most of the rain, ended up improvising raincoats with the use of trash bags. 
- Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 3, 1988 -
According to Gary Corbett, he was told that if the crowd approves of you here, they spit at you, at the end of the show Paul was drenched in spit. Paul eventually got so sick of a guy who kept hitting him, Paul motioned to the crowd to disperse around the guy and Paul spat him right in the face. Bruce recalled that this was his most disgusted show he has ever done, his guitar's fingerboard was covered and it was dripping from his hair. Gary was very happy he had to perform off stage that night!

Eric's massive drum kit in action.
Stage props:

- Gene fire breathing
- Enormous KISS Logo
- Smoke
- Pre-show 'hum'
- Fireworks
- Bombs
- Gene's rocket shooting bass
- Paul smashing guitar
- Rows of amplifiers



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