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Creatures Of The Night Tour: 1982 - '83

Start Date: December 29, 1982

End Date: June 25, 1983

Shows: 55

Countries:  Brazil, Canada, USA

Opening Acts: Dareforce, Defectors, Headpins, Herva Doce, Hotz, Molly Hatchet, M?tley Cr?e,  Night Ranger, Plasmatics, The Shoes, Why On Earth, Zebra.

Average Attendance: 5,350 (Does not include Brazilian Shows)

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent, Gene Simmons,Eric Carr


After the poor album sales of The Elder and the prospects for a tour were so bad, in 1982 the band saw they needed to change things, they finally went back to their hard rock roots and even beyond! They hired Vincent Cusano (soon to be Vinnie Vincent) and Bryan Adams to help them write new songs for their upcoming album.

Their costumes and overall look were also going back to their roots with a mix of Destroyer  and The Elder era costumes. But fortune was still not on the side of KISS in 1982, Ace decided to finally leave the band. He did not work on the Creatures album but did go along with the Creatures album promotion tour the band did in 1982. With the departure of Ace they were in need of a new lead guitarist. The band did held auditions but the job eventually went to Vinnie by default who already worked with the band on Creatures, as Vinnie co-wrote on I Love It Loud, I Still Love You and Killer (even though Vincent sued the band many times stated he was responsible for more songs on Creatures and other albums he wrote for.)

For the tour the band brought in a brand new stage, it got a theme just like the Destroyer stage, but this one actually worked out great, the stage was to look like a tank! The Creatures drum turret is one the coolest KISS ever had! The tank would fire during various stages of the show giving out a great effect. It was sadly never used again. The turret was used in the Lick It Up tour but only puffed some smoke...


The ad the KISS company put out and Vinnie Vincent.


A great view at the Creatures stage!

The Creatures/10th Anniversary tour-book

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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Sioux City Municipal Auditorium, December 30, 1982 -
Several citizens protested against the booking of the show, claiming KISS was aligned with the devil. It even came to the point that venue manager John Graham had to appear before the venue Board Of Directors who wanted him to address if KISS was aligned with the devil.
- Lakeland Civic Center. Lakeland, FL, February 4, 1983 -
The rear stage curtain caught on fire during the show.
 - Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MI, February 27, 1983 -
All proceeds from this concert went to the Amy Hardin Relief Fund. Which was established to help facilitate a liver transplant for a young St. Louis girl.

- Maracana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, June 18, 1983 -
KISS played in front of their biggest audience yet, 137.000 or more people were attending this show! 
- Estadio do Morumbi,Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 25, 1983 -
This was the last KISS show in makeup until 1996!

KISS live on stage in 1983!
Stage props: 

- Fire engine lights
- Shooting tank drum turret
- Blood spitting
- Fire breathing
- Huge KISS Logo
- Confetti storm
- Firehouse fire helmet
- Smoke
- Tank themed stage
- Various pyrotechnics
- Fireworks
- Bombs
- Paul smashing guitar


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