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Dynasty Tour: 1979

Start Date: June 15, 1979

End Date: December 16, 1979

Shows: 79

Countries:  Canada, U.S.A, 

Opening Acts: Breathless, Cheap Trick, Eli, John Cougar & The Zone, Jon Butcher Axis, Judas Priest, Loverboy, Michael Stanley Band, Nantucket, New England, Rockets, Sweet, Whiteface

Average Attendance: 10,523

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss

'The Return Of KISS!', as the Dynasty tour was subtitled was to become a tour mainly to make allot of money and make it the most spectacular show ever to go on the road.  Unfortunately, spectacular shows cost money and the list of production effects the KISS company  wanted to include was prohibitively expensive and the Dynasty Tour quickly became impractical. The bad economy in 1979 also did not help in the ticket sales.

Their fame was dwindling and their merchandise empire was going rampant, they knew they had to cash in big, Paul Stanley and Desmond Child gave them a golden geese in the form of'I Was Made For Lovin' You'. The song became a monster hit and landed on #1 in many countries, even for 4 weeks in The Netherlands topping Beth as KISS's hit single. But not everybody was happy with the hit song, hardcore KISS fans hated the Disco tune the song was holding, and hard rock KISS fans hated Disco!

Things were also not going well in the band as well, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley both were heavy into alcohol and drug abuse, Peter was the worst case, with a hard drug habit and a looming divorce and his drumming skills deteriorated so much that the rest of the band and management were doubting he could even finish the last few weeks of the tour. Peter eventually left the band after Unmasked  was released, a album he did not drum a beat or sing one note on. 


The Dynasty stage supposedly cost 1 million to produce and was until than one of the biggest shows ever to be build.

Many effects and ideas were created for the Dynasty tour, many were scrapped:

  • Laser Light Curtain - This effect consisted of vertical laser beams running between the stage and the truss, with one meter apart of each beam, it was only used once at the first show of the tour but the audience only saw a blue haze, the laser equipment was returned to be repaired but was never seen again. The manufactures later sued the KISS company for non-payment .

  • Inflatable KISS Logo -  A twenty foot high inflatable KISS logo, it was to be build by the same people who made the inflatable furniture for the KISS suite in the KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park movie.

  • Animated Sam The Serpent - Sam The Serpent was to be brought  alive through animations. Glowing eyes, snarling and bearing his teeth, flapping his wings and breathing fire just like Gene.

  • Illuminated Drum Sticks - Peter was to get drum sticks with a neon effect, each of 1 diameter by two feet long. Obviously scrapped because of the costs, each pair of sticks would approximately cost $6,000,0!

  • Animated Lion - Another effect for Peter, a animated lion, like the onces you would see in theme parks and movies later on in the years, it was to be life like, even so far that people who had backstage passes would believe they where carrying a real life lion with all the tight backstage security planned around it.

  • Sparks From Hand - A effect for Ace, he would shoot sparks out of his hands through a small metal box, this effect eventually morphed into the sparks he would shoot out of the neck of his guitar together with the rocket.

  • Extended Fire Effect - A effect for Gene, after Gene would breath fire like he would do normally, after he would stick the fire digger into its stand and Gene would stand back and he would be engulfed in flames, several things could have happen, a ball of flames that would move and Gene would appear on the other side of the stage, Gene could rise up from the stage, or the flames would diminish and turn into smoke and Gene would step forward out of the smoke.

  • Laser Beam Eye - A effect for Paul, he would wear a device that would emit a laser beam out of his starry eye, just like the effect in the Phantom movie, this was scrapped because it was to dangerous for Paul himself and the audience. ( This effect would eventually be used by the German metal band Rammstein).

  • Lightning Emitting Guitar - A effect for Paul, a laser beam would shine down from the light truss and Paul would hold his guitar up to the beam, and it would break the laser beam into many more laser beams.

  • Magic Tricks - Various magic tricks were brainstormed to be used during the show, like Peter entering a empty animal cage,  a flash from Gene, a gesture from Ace and poof, Peter would have been transformed into a real life lion or tiger. A magic trick like many magicians perform on stage. Another effect would have been the band would disappear into thin air after a song or 'de-materialize' like in Star Trek through the use of four tubes that would be hoisted down  from the lighting truss.  


The Dynasty Tour book saw four versions, the first one (left) was sold at the very beginning of the tour. Totally different wrap-around cover. Includes tour-dates, which are completely different than they actually were. They were about to play two shows in most cities, at Madison Square Garden even 5 shows! They soon realized, that the tour wasn't gonna be as huge as they thought it would be, so all the tour-dates got rescheduled. Since the tour has not yet begun when the tour book was printed, there are no live-shots in this very first printing of the tour-book. Just like the first regular tour/book (right one). The major difference to the other Dynasty tour-books is the front-cover, the back-cover and the listing of the tour-dates. The credits page is also slightly different. This is by far the most sought after and most expensive tourbook! (info from

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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Civic Center, Savannah, GA, June 19, 1979 -
Even though this show was canceled, they recorded their promotional videos for 'I Was Made For Lovin' You'  and ''Sure Know Something at this stadium as produced and directed by John Goodhue.
- Capital Centre, Landover (Largo), WA, July 7 & 8, 1979 -
Both shows were archived by the in-house video crew but the tape of the first night was useless, the band was so loud the first night that that it caused a fluctuation in the video signal and the tape was deemed useless. The second night also shows a bit of fluctuation but is allot better. The performance itself is not, Paul forgets the words during his own song 'Move On' and Peter botched 'Beth' deliberately . Something he would do several times more during the tour.
- Pacific Coliseum. Vancouver. Canada, November 19, 1979 -
The opening band, Loverboy was booed off the stage during their third song. During KISS's show Peter fell off his drum stool between songs. Paul briefly went up and played drums while the band was throwing out towels prior to the encore.
 - Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, Shreveport, LA, December 8, 1979 -
The show was cut short when for some reason Peter purposely started dragging the tempo to a standstill at the end of his drum solo in 'God Of Thunder'  KISS returned to play 'Shout It Out Loud'  and 'Black Diamond'  but there were no encores at all.
KISS Army sponge that fell from the mirror ball during some shows.
- Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MI, December 12, 1979 -
In 1994, Peter Criss recalled this event during a interview with Curt Gooch;
"I threw a drumstick at Gene, but i didn't mean it. I was always just throwing sticks out. It bounced of Gene's head really cool; it really bounced. He turned around and he was at one of his demonic stages where he didn't know where he was and he went crazy. When i got downstairs, he came around and walked up to me and kicked me in the ankle, and it really hurts. I said. 'You son of a bitch, what was that about?' He said, 'Don't you ever throw a drumstick at me!' I said, 'Gene, i was only doing it as a joke, man, I didn't mean it, but no one f*cking hits me,' and i went crazy. The audience is screaming for us, and our road manager is going nuts. . .'
'He rushes us up to the encore, and i was thinking all through the song. 'Do i hit him immediately or do i whack him one in the back?' Sure enough, the minute the song ended, I quickly got off the drums, because i wanted to be the first one back there waiting for him to come through the curtain, so i could hit him in the face. He came walking back, and i grabbed a champagne bottle. I broke it, and i went at him with it, and everybody jumped in and broke it up. Later in the dressing room, Paul said, 'Great, Gene Simmons kicks drummer of KISS, KISS drummer kills Gene Simmons, band's over with.'"
- Sports Arena, Toledo, OH, December 16, 1979 -
This was Peter Criss's last official performance with KISS until 1996.

KISS live in 1979, Gene in all his Demon glory!
Stage props: 

- Fire engine lights
- Hydraulic drum riser
- Blood spitting
- Fire breathing
- Big KISS Logo
- Smoking, flying guitar
- Lighted and rocket shooting guitar
- Confetti storm
- Firehouse fire helmet
- Smoke
- 1 million dollar stage
- Various pyrotechnics
- Fireworks
- Gene flying to rafters
- Giant disco ball with KISS sponges
- Bombs
- Paul smashing guitar


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