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KISS Tour - 1973 - '74

Start Date: December 31, 1973

End Date: October 4, 1974

Shows: 84 

Countries: Canada, USA

Headlining Acts: 10cc, Aerosmith, Argent, Billy Preston, Blue Oyster Cult, The "All New" Fleetwood Mac, Iggy & The Stooges, James Gang, Kathi McDonald, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Nazareth, New York Dolls, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Redbone, Renaissance, Rory Gallagher, Rush, Savoy Brown, Silverhead, Suzi Quatro, Teenage Lust, Uriah Heep

Opening Acts: 13th Floor, Barbarossa, Chris Jagger, Conqueror Worm, Fat Chance, Flight, Fludd, Flying Saucer, Isis, Island, Les Variations, Max Onion, Michael Fennely, Mike Quatro, Mojo Boogie Band, Mood Jga Jga, Outlaws, Redbone, Ritual, Ronny Legg, Ross, Rush, Silverhead, Smack Dab, Sweetwater, Thunderhead, Wizzard

Average Attendance: 2,645

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss


With a record deal, a album and a fine tuned and designed live show, the band was ready to take the world by storm!
Paul still donned the 'Bandit' makeup for the first two shows of the tour, but it was quickly dropped seeing it was too time consuming and too difficult to apply before every show.
The band had their first television performances and in August 1974 the band took most of the month off to record their follow up album Hotter Than Hell  in Los Angeles!


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 Special Shows / Happenings:
-  Academy Of Music, New York, NY, December 31, 1973 -
The first official KISS show and Gene's fire spitting debuted here as well, but it also was the first time Gene set his hair on fire! He was suppose to stick the torch in a foam block on the stage but it was not present there that night! It ended up with Gene trying to jam the torch in the hardwood stage and eventually the flames got to his hair setting it ablaze.
- Long Beach Auditorium, CA February 17, 1974 -
Excellent 8mm footage of this show appeared in 2000, showing a raw KISS show as it was in 1974, including 'Acrobat', the jam session song that eventually morphed into 'Love Theme From KISS' on the first KISS album. 
-  Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 1974 -
A promotional gig for the band and Casablanca Records, the Los Angeles Ballroom was decorated to look like 'Rick's Cafe' from the movie Casablanca and many guests were dressed as characters from the 1942 movie. Many record industry big shots were present and also some celebrities including Alice Cooper, who commented when the drum riser was going up to a journalist. 'Some people will do anything to get attention.'
KISS on-stage during their first show of 1974, notice the spider web in the background.

Stage props:

- Fake Marshall Amplifiers amongst the real amps
- Firehouse fire engine lights
- Chain linked drum riser
- Sparkling drumsticks
- Blood spitting

- Fire breathing
- 7 candles candelabra
- Spiderweb background
- 164 Light bulbs KISS Logo
- Smoking guitar
- Ground flamethrowers



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