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Love Gun Tour: 1977

Start Date: July 8, 1977

End Date: September 5, 1977

Shows: 32 

Countries:  Canada, U.S.A, 

Opening Acts: Cheap Trick, Styx

Average Attendance: 9,476

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss

KISS was th? band of 1977, promoters even scaled back their advertising, word of mouth was enough to sustain the tour. KISS also had reached a younger audience, a door that had been opened by their appearance at the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. They released a comic under Marvel Comics, a dream coming true for Gene as a big comic fan. It's been rumored that the blood of the band members that was poured in the barrel of red ink was eventually used by accident for a different magazine.

The Love Gun tour saw a new stage, with heavy use of hydraulics and new effects. KISS got new costumes made by a Maria Contessa and Laurie Greenan, the band members got three each for touring purposes. The cost of the Love Gun tour, including the new stage, costumes and instruments was $194,910, although the show was hyped as a million dollar production in most markets. Even though they only played 32 shows, the shows were extended to 90 minutes.

The Love Gun Tour-book.

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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- Halifax Forum, Halifax, Canada, July 8,  1977 -
Ace presumably sang ''Shock Me'', making it his first vocal debut!
- Cow Palaca, Daly City, CA, August 16, 1977 -
 Paul dedicated ''Rock And Roll All Nite'' to Elvis Presley, who died that day.
'We're gonna dedicate the last song. . . to the King of Rock 'n Roll: Elvis Presley! Rock and roll all nite, party every day!'
- The Forum. Los Angeles. CA, August 26, 27, 28 1977 -
Eddie Kramer recorded all three Forum shows for Alive II. Several thousand special KISS T-shirts were sold reading. 'I Was There' to commemorate the recording. The Love Gun tourbook was sold for the very first time at this show with complementary 'I Was There' buttons given away at the door.
 - The Summit, Houston, TX, September 1 & 2, 1977 -
John Crow TV Productions professionally recorded the shows
A good look at the Love Gun stage with most of the hydraulics working.
Stage props: 

- Fire engine lights
- Hydraulic drum riser
- Blood spitting
- Fire breathing
- Huge KISS Logo
- Smoking & burning guitar
- Confetti storm
- Firehouse fire helmet
- Flamethrowers
- Lighted stair cases
- Hydraulic balconies
- Sam The Serpent
- Smoke
- Various pyrotechnics
- Hydraulic lifts
- Bombs
- Paul smashing guita


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