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Revenge Tour: 1992

Start Date: April 23, 1992

End Date: December 20, 1992

Shows: 77

Countries: Canada, England, Scotland, USA, Wales

Opening Acts: Danger, Faster Pussycat, Fortress, Great White, Jackyl, Shooting Gallery, Trixter, Vesuvius.

Average Attendance: 5,029 (no club dates included.)

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Gene Simmons,Eric Singer

KISS in 1992 was a completely changed band since the Hot In The Shade tour, in appearance and in music, for Revenge the band went back to their hard rock roots. The loss of Eric Carr also changed the band, with the loss of Eric Carr they did not also lose a friend and brother, also KISS's drummer. This time no big audition event was held as when Peter Criss left in 1980.

The choice this time was simple, they went with Eric Singer, who already drummed on Paul's 1989 solo tour and during the Hot In The Shade recording on some demo's, Eric eventually would be a solid pick and would be with the band until the reunion of the original KISS line up in 1996 and would permanently rejoin again in 2004.

the Revenge stage in all it's glory

The stage would be designed once more by Robert Roth and constructed by Tait Towers. The stage was first planned to resemble a post-apocalypse wasteland with guard towers, cars buried in the stage, broken amplifiers all around the stage, eventually this was scrapped as it was unsafe and the costs were too high. The only thing remaining of the wasteland idea were some amplifiers put sideways on the stage, a graffiti covered subway sign on the far right of the stage and some lighting rigs hanging crooked to resemble it to fall down any minute. But the biggest prop eventually would become the Statue Of Liberty! This big prop that would fall apart during ''War Machine'' with the help of explosions and show the chrome colored skull and bones underneath. This effect was highly inspired by Metallica who also had a Statue Of Liberty on their stage during the "And Justice For All" tour in 1989 and would collapse by explosions during the final song.

But the KISS Statue Of Liberty had some more tricks up her sleeve, it contained some light and pyro effects in it's crown that would be used during the show. At the end of the show the statue's hand would lift up it's middle index finger giving the finger, some fans took it too literally and thought it was the band saying 'fuck you' to the fans!

Larry Mazer (KISS's manager in 1992) stated the piece was a disaster as it would not work some nights and some nights barely and the pieces that would break off were very heavy.

Another interesting addition to the stage were strippers that came on the stage during ''Take It Off'', this started out as a joke by the house production manager who's girlfriend was a stripper, their production manager, Tim Makoul, than had the responsibility at every town to find the local strip club, pick like 20 girls and Gene & Paul picked three or four of them to be on stage, in the end, there were three girls who enjoyed it so much they stayed with the band for a month, without payment and they only asked to ride on the  tour bus (too the delight of Gene). Only the strippers were not allowed to undress completely nude according to US lawbut only to their bras and panties, but the strippers were used again in 1994 during their South America tour and in 1995 in Australia and Japan. But in Australia they were allowed to take their tops off.

The biggest difference to the stage was that their was no real big KISS logo hanging behind the band in the old traditional way! Instead they had a giant black and white KISS logo curtain behind the band and only during the encores.

Gene enjoying the presence of the strippers more than the rest of the members!

  The strangest thing about the tour is that it was launched before the album was released. KISS eventually did three tours supporting the album! First they launched a US club tour without the full show, than the band continued to England for a short tour but with the Hot In The Shade stage! In October the band eventually would start the real tour in support for the Revenge album.

  The tour eventually was considered a disappointment, with a attendance averaging 5,000 people per show at the arena gigs. Shows were canceled during the tour due to a lack of ticket sales and the tour itself ended prematurely just before the Christmas holidays, The next leg of the tour was planned for 1993 but the attendance figures were so poor in most markets that the dates never came to fruition.

KISS In England with the Hot In The Shade stage!


The Revenge tour book 

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 Special Shows / Happenings:
- San Francisco, California. April 23, 1992 -
This was Eric Singer's first official show with KISS, "100.000 Years"and "Parasite" were performed for the first time since 1976.
- Baltimore, Maryland, May 4, 1992 -
May 4 was declared KISS Day in Baltimore and the band received the keys to the city from the mayor himself!
- Cardiff, Wales, May 20, 1992 -
Reportedly during a pyro cue for Heaven's On Fire caused $30,000 worth of damage to the venue's low ceiling and made the papers the next day, eye witness report here.
- Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 5, 1992 -
During Gene's fire breathing act a small mishap occurred, after breathing fire Gene sticks his fire breathing sword in the square box as he always does, only this time he hit the side and it bounced off right into the barricade but nobody got hurt.

- Portland, Maine, October 6, 1992 -
The road crew found out that Gene hated lobsters, they looked like giant cockroaches to him, when Gene went back out for the encore, they placed a big lobster tail on his mic stand, he did not even dared to came near it!
- Miami, Florida, October 31, 1992 -
This was the last show for the opening act Faster Pussycat, as a joke, KISS's crew littered their dressing room with several 50 pounds bags of dog food and left Mc Donald's applications on the mirror (as their bass player was rumored to be quitting), in revenge Faster Pussycat came on the stage during KISS's show in drag during ''Take It Off''! Gene, being completely pissed told the stage manager: "I don't give a f*ck if you have to shoot them, no one gets on this stage!"
- Auburn Hills, Michigan, November 27, 1992 -
Eddie Kramer was present to record the show for "Alive III", as a precaution, if the footage would not turn out desirable, at the band's sound check, Kramer recorded the show up to Firehouse. This show was also professionally archived by the in house video crew and it was also send through a live feed through the entire venue. The footage eventually ended on the KISS Konfidential home video and Kissology 3.
- Indianapolis, Indiana, November 28, 1992 -
This was the second show recorded for "Alive III", video camera's were stationed at various positions around the stage to capture insert shots for KISS Konfidential.
- Phoenix, Arizona, December 20, 1992 -
This show only had a attendance of 3,741 people, ( with the venue having room for 18,000 people ) to help mask this a fog machine was set up at the sound board. To make matters worse, Eric was coming down with the flu and had a bucket next to his drum kit.
The stage during a sound check
Stage props:

- improved Laser Show
- Giant KISS logo curtain
- Smoke
- Pre-show 'hum'
- Fireworks
- Huge curtain before show
- Pyrotechnics
- Bombs
- Leon The Sphinx (Europe only)
- Statue Of Liberty
- Gene fire breathing
- Paul breaking guitar
- Strippers



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